Anonymous Brew Blog

Anonymous Brew Blog

I have partnered with a long-time friend to jump into the craft-beer business. This blog is dedicated to highlighting our journey from onset to fruition and possibly beyond. This, the first edition, is designed to provide an introduction to who we are and how we hope to approach the process.

While my education and experience has taught me how to navigate the business world, life behind a desk is no life for me. I spent more than a decade working for myself as a freelancer in a multitude of creative capacities. A couple of years back, a client offered me the creative director position at a start-up technology firm. While I am grateful for the opportunities and I intend to remain in the position through the early stages of this process, a lot of what I have learned about myself since I started there factored into my decision to start a brewery.

I like to create. I find the process of making something from nothing uniquely satisfying. Whether it is through artistic expression, designing, cooking, or brewing my sense of pride is tangible when the end results meet or exceed my initial intentions. Further, it is amplified when I manage to impress one or two of my three children (…it is never possible to impress all three of them).

I started brewing my own beer about 10 years ago. Initially, I worked mainly with extract kits and clone recipes in a starter 5gal bucket system. However, as my passion developed I switched to all grain recipes and started to develop some of my own. My current favorite is a hoppy red with a solid malt profile. I believe that it is a great beer and I am looking forward to sharing it. I hope to use this as our launch beer… but there will be more on that in the coming weeks as we seek arrangements to lease existing space.

While his background is in science and education, my partner is perhaps one of the most passionate beer aficionados I have ever met. He is intimately engaged in the culture and provides a great deal of insight into recipe development, business strategies and also marketing concepts. While we are not blind to the myriad of challenges, I am confident that he and I (along with support from a number of other sources) can effectively navigate through this process.

We have agreed to be very deliberate in our approach. Our primary goal right now is to develop a strong following across the social and local beer culture stratosphere. This blog is a key component to this strategy. So please share, re-post, and tag to help spread the word. As we learn more details about how you can get your first taste of our beers we will keep you posted.

Next week I will outline many of the challenges we expect to face in the coming months along with a bit of our strategy for overcoming those hurdles.


Anonymous Brewing

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