Anonymous Brew Blog #5

I have partnered with a long-time friend to jump into the craft-beer business. This blog is dedicated to highlighting our journey from onset to fruition and possibly beyond. In this, the fourth edition – Anonymous origins, “WeyLey’d” and an update on our status – Plus, MelBury bottles!

We came up with the Anonymous name based on two concepts… First, we want to keep our personal social media accounts separate from the brewery while we grow and second, it seemed like a unique marketing opportunity. With each blog article, beer name, Instagram photo, tweet or Facebook post we have dropped hints as to who we are and what we are about. The idea is to engage our social media followers in a sort of whodunit type of campaign. Despite the fact that most who know us personally are aware that we are the people behind the curtain, it has proven to be successful. In the last blog, we offered some WeyLey to anyone who could figure out the origins of the name. While we received a few interesting theories, no one was able to successfully decipher it.

In reality, we are happy to provide samples to anyone… Just DM a request or email us at If you are over 21 and logistics are manageable we will be happy to accommodate. Having said that, we will have fresh bottles of MelBury available at the beginning of next week so be sure to reserve yours as soon as possible.

At this point in the process, there is little update regarding the development of the brewery. We have set a couple of goals to have certain documents prepared by November. We are still researching ingredient suppliers and determining what overall costs will be on a per batch basis. From there we hope to be brewing commercially at some point early 2018.

For those of you who had the opportunity to taste our most recent release of WeyLey as well as those who have tried the recipe in the past, we appreciate all of your feedback. We may put the phrase “ I’ve been WeyLey’d ” on t-shirts … We are very happy with the response that it got and we promise to keep improving and providing you with some quality beers.




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