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I have partnered with a long-time friend to jump into the craft-beer business. This blog is dedicated to highlighting our journey from onset to fruition and possibly beyond. In this, the seventh edition – Kings Hill, Weyley, Shakesbeer and self distro.

Again, apologies for the extended window between posts. While the blog has remained quiet, we have been working hard to stay on track for an early 2018 commercial release. After a conversation during a tasting with the proprietor of Shakesbeer Beverages the process of contracting became crystal clear. This propelled us into a couple of important meetings with breweries and suppliers that we intend to partner with as we move forward. While there is still work to be done, we are certainly inching closer towards our goals.

As we approach our first production, we have had to make several decisions regarding our distribution process. It is clear that we will need to start with self-distribution. Given this, we will need some thoughts from you on how best to get our beer to market. While we have some connections in the industry, it would be great if our readers could share some ideas, names and suggestions on how to best approach finding retail space and a restaurant presence. We hope to have cold storage locations on both the north and south shore of Massachusetts so if you know anyone who we might benefit from meeting please share.

I have to admit, of our flagship recipes, Kings Hill is my favorite. It is a delicious deviation from the status quo of Porters which are frequently sweetened with chocolate bits, vanilla or coffee beans. The flavors of Kings Hill are extracted simply from the grain bill and are enhanced by the calculated science of the hop schedule. We were able to share samples of the porter with friends, family, brewers, beer lovers, and others in the industry who all offered feedback that was both positive and constructive. Again, we appreciate the support, it has continued to help us develop our beer as well as our social media presence.

Sharing samples of our beer has been a part of our initial strategy all along and in continuing with that tradition, we will be sharing our freshest batch of WeyLey over the next couple of weeks. We have produced a half-barrel of our citra dry-hopped red ale. We made some adjustments to the recipe based on the thoughts and ideas of our tasters. The result is a hybrid red ale with ipa characteristics. It is bursting with notes of lemon to balance the sweetness of the caramalt profile. The citra aromatic additions blend nicely with hints of lemon and floral flavors from a generous dose centennial hops during the boil… The hazy first pour is below.