Anonymous Brew Blog #5

I have partnered with a long-time friend to jump into the craft-beer business. This blog is dedicated to highlighting our journey from onset to fruition and possibly beyond. In this, the fourth edition – Anonymous origins, “WeyLey’d” and an update on our status – Plus, MelBury bottles!

We came up with the Anonymous name based on two concepts… First, we want to keep our personal social media accounts separate from the brewery while we grow and second, it seemed like a unique marketing opportunity. With each blog article, beer name, Instagram photo, tweet or Facebook post we have dropped hints as to who we are and what we are about. The idea is to engage our social media followers in a sort of whodunit type of campaign. Despite the fact that most who know us personally are aware that we are the people behind the curtain, it has proven to be successful. In the last blog, we offered some WeyLey to anyone who could figure out the origins of the name. While we received a few interesting theories, no one was able to successfully decipher it.

In reality, we are happy to provide samples to anyone… Just DM a request or email us at If you are over 21 and logistics are manageable we will be happy to accommodate. Having said that, we will have fresh bottles of MelBury available at the beginning of next week so be sure to reserve yours as soon as possible.

At this point in the process, there is little update regarding the development of the brewery. We have set a couple of goals to have certain documents prepared by November. We are still researching ingredient suppliers and determining what overall costs will be on a per batch basis. From there we hope to be brewing commercially at some point early 2018.

For those of you who had the opportunity to taste our most recent release of WeyLey as well as those who have tried the recipe in the past, we appreciate all of your feedback. We may put the phrase “ I’ve been WeyLey’d ” on t-shirts … We are very happy with the response that it got and we promise to keep improving and providing you with some quality beers.




Anonymous Brewing Blog #4

I have partnered with a long-time friend to jump into the craft-beer business. This blog is dedicated to highlighting our journey from onset to fruition and possibly beyond. In this, the fourth edition, we consider “what’s in a name?” and we tease an IPA release + SWAG!!!

For he’s a jolly good ale…

I love to cook and I love to brew. Each provides the opportunity to create from scratch with a specific taste in mind. Given certain constants and based on the characteristics of the ingredients, you should be able to at least estimate the flavor of the end result. While the two activities do have a lot in common, the process of developing a beer recipe offers a challenge that is not present in cooking. In cooking, the process provides for instantaneous feedback from your taste buds. This allows you to make adjustments on the fly. In brewing, it is weeks before you can get a true taste of the batch. Add more weeks if you want to sample your fully matured brew. Given this, once a beer recipe is nailed down to the point where it meets or exceeds your initial expectations it is cause for celebration. It is at this point in the process where the recipe is finalized and the beer is given a name.

I have long been curious about the thought process behind some beer names. If anyone knows the story behind Arrogant Bastard, I would love to hear it. Did the Alchemist name Skadoosh based on a love for Jack Black and Kung Fu Panda? Hoppy Ending always makes me laugh. Rogue makes an IPA called yellow snow… There is a never ending list of funny and clever beer names.

For us, the naming process generally means that we text back and forth with ideas until we come to an agreement. We have two initial recipes that we hope to go to market with, WeyLey our Red Ale and our flagship IPA Melbury. Organically, both of these brews were named based on a shared theme. If you care to guess what that theme is, send us an email or direct message. The first to crack the code may get some anonymous swag.

Keep an ear out for the next Melbury release date… It’s just around the corner.


Anonymous Brewing

Anonymous Brew Blog #3

I have partnered with a long-time friend to jump into the craft-beer business. This blog is dedicated to highlighting our journey from onset to fruition and possibly beyond. This, the third edition, outlines some mildly interesting tidbits from social media marketing as well as another opportunity to try some WeyLey.

We need your support…

We are grateful to those of you who have expressed interest in Anonymous Brewing. We are happy to be able to share our experiences with you. If you have any questions, advice to offer, or if you need advice, please do not hesitate to reach out. We can be found or through any social media platform. Just search for anonymous brewing.

As you are likely aware, part of our strategy is to develop some buzz through social media and networking. This past week we learned some interesting things about trying to extend our reach through boosted and sponsored posts. Facebook and Instagram offer a combined service which I figured would be a good way to stretch into a broader audience. At first I was pleased, the likes started coming in fast and furious. Soon though, I grew skeptical about some of the interesting characters that were liking the post. After some careful consideration and a small amount of research, what I found was that the majority of the likes that we were receiving (particularly through Instagram) were likely from fake accounts. While there were a lot of viewers who liked the post, very few were engaged enough to click through to read the blog. With that, we appreciate all of the organic shares, likes and re-posts. We hope to make it up to you with delicious beer.

To update our progress…

Since our last post, we have had a lot of very productive conversations with a variety of people who are helping to steer us in the right direction. As it stands now, we are pulling together the specifics needed to acquire both a federal permit and a Massachusetts manufacturing license. Our current direction continues to point us in the direction of starting with contract brewing and building from there. As we await our licensure, we will aggressively seek a contract so that we can get a head start in brewing our first commercial batch.

As we mentioned last week, a fresh batch of home brewed Weyley is available to sample. If you want to have a drink with us, let us know…


Anonymous Brewing


Anonymous Brewing Blog #2

I have partnered with a long-time friend to jump into the craft-beer business. This blog is dedicated to highlighting our journey from onset to fruition and possibly beyond. This, the second edition, offers some insight into our approach and the challenges we expect to face along the way.

We are fully aware of how difficult succeeding with a start-up can be. We are also aware of the unique challenges that a craft brewery faces. Our list of possible pitfalls and dead ends is daunting. Outlining our concerns and challenges was the first step in developing our strategies to overcome them. These strategies as a collective led us to our deliberate growth plan. While we have a shared vision of a kick ass taproom with live music, local art installations, delicious food, special events, tasty releases and a general party atmosphere, we continue to emphasize the importance of taking things one step at a time and building a strong foundation before we even consider escalating to the next level.

Having said that, we want people to taste our beer and to provide feedback so that we can continue to improve. The path to this end which best fits with our deliberate growth strategy is to contract a handful of small batches with an incubator. While there are some options available and we are in the process of finding a good fit, we also found this to be our first major complication.

Most of the breweries that offer incubator services seem to prefer batches in the 30bbl range. This number is larger than we want to start with. Further, it is a challenge to agree to terms that can be mutually beneficial. Through the process, we have learned that the importance of advice from others who have been through the process. The wealth of knowledge that can be gained simply by sharing ideas and stories with local brewers is invaluable. This is a characteristic unique to the craft beer industry and is a major source of confidence as we move forward.

While the first larger batches are still a bit down the road, we have some samples of our dry hopped red ale WeyLey being released at the end of next week (9/7). If you are interested in a taste or would just like to offer some feedback or advice, email us at

weyley (2)


Anonymous Brew Blog

Anonymous Brew Blog

I have partnered with a long-time friend to jump into the craft-beer business. This blog is dedicated to highlighting our journey from onset to fruition and possibly beyond. This, the first edition, is designed to provide an introduction to who we are and how we hope to approach the process.

While my education and experience has taught me how to navigate the business world, life behind a desk is no life for me. I spent more than a decade working for myself as a freelancer in a multitude of creative capacities. A couple of years back, a client offered me the creative director position at a start-up technology firm. While I am grateful for the opportunities and I intend to remain in the position through the early stages of this process, a lot of what I have learned about myself since I started there factored into my decision to start a brewery.

I like to create. I find the process of making something from nothing uniquely satisfying. Whether it is through artistic expression, designing, cooking, or brewing my sense of pride is tangible when the end results meet or exceed my initial intentions. Further, it is amplified when I manage to impress one or two of my three children (…it is never possible to impress all three of them).

I started brewing my own beer about 10 years ago. Initially, I worked mainly with extract kits and clone recipes in a starter 5gal bucket system. However, as my passion developed I switched to all grain recipes and started to develop some of my own. My current favorite is a hoppy red with a solid malt profile. I believe that it is a great beer and I am looking forward to sharing it. I hope to use this as our launch beer… but there will be more on that in the coming weeks as we seek arrangements to lease existing space.

While his background is in science and education, my partner is perhaps one of the most passionate beer aficionados I have ever met. He is intimately engaged in the culture and provides a great deal of insight into recipe development, business strategies and also marketing concepts. While we are not blind to the myriad of challenges, I am confident that he and I (along with support from a number of other sources) can effectively navigate through this process.

We have agreed to be very deliberate in our approach. Our primary goal right now is to develop a strong following across the social and local beer culture stratosphere. This blog is a key component to this strategy. So please share, re-post, and tag to help spread the word. As we learn more details about how you can get your first taste of our beers we will keep you posted.

Next week I will outline many of the challenges we expect to face in the coming months along with a bit of our strategy for overcoming those hurdles.


Anonymous Brewing